Who We Are

As a forward-thinking environmental solutions company, we are driven by the pursuit of developing and manufacturing innovative, practical, compliant, and sustainable products that enhance the environment and benefit everyone. From the air quality we breath to the surfaces we touch.

Forward Fuel: E-CATTM & Clean Supply Fuel Treatment

Without innovation, fuel emissions, while regulated, still contribute to the increase in greenhouse gases and poor air quality. Our family of fuel catalysts are designed to lower environmental impact by significantly reducing NOx and particulate pollution while simultaneously improving air quality for today and the future.

Smart Safety: Clean Supply™ Hand Sanitizer & Multi-Surface Cleanser

As the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold, our global society realized that practicing proper daily hygiene and adhering to social distancing recommendations were clearly not enough to prevent exposure and contamination. Whether at home, outside, or at work, individuals, families, and employees need and deserve to feel clean at all times. Clean Supply hand sanitizers and multi-surface cleansers formulated with 80% ethanol alcohol for hospital grade quality to meet all emergency requirements from the FDA, EPA, CDC, and WHO.